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1 April 2008

Now it’s easier for you to find the right product or service. The main bulletin board of Moldova has a new section, «Companies».

The new section is a comprehensive directory of companies that are sorted into many categories, such as: «Transport», «Computers and Office Equipment», «Property» and «Telephone and communications.» Each category has many subcategories, making easier the search of a product, service or company.

The structure of the catalogue is mobile and flexible. It allows you to gradually expand and continuously update the contents of the list.

Next to the main categories are situated the «Top Companies» and «New» categories:

The category of «Top Companies» includes those companies whose pages are most visited, whose news is read more. In the category of «New» you will find the newly added company.

To the right is a column with news companies, which makes it possible to follow the innovations in all areas of trade.

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