We launched the blog “The Gypsy”
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4 July 2008

We launched the blog of the project.
And not a simple blog, it is a direction about how o make a 3D cartoon.

So don’t be surprised that some things are described so detailed. This is done for those who are dealing with 3D production for the first time.

Hopefully this will help the beginners and the studious to understand in the refinements of production and push them forward to make their own cartoon.
As well the blog is opened for professionals, which are free to express themselves.
Keep in mind : the production of cartoon- is not a booth, that’s why:

1. We will listen to your advices but will get our own way.
2. We ask you to write to the point and in a civilized manner as far as possible.

Keep an eye on the news of the project (RSS), leave your comments, argue, suggest!

PS. Thanks to IT department from 3D department!

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