Morning guests visit our studio
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13 May 2014


The younger generation of animators visited our studio yesterday! The pupils of 7-B class of the lyceum “Titu Maiorescu” came to us to take a tour of our studio. To our surprise, some of the students already knew such terms as “render”, “rig” and “storyboard”. The first thing they asked us to do was to show them “that very cartoon about Dji”. At the end of the film the pupils started applauding. We were very pleased as it was clear that the guys had seen the cartoon many times and they still enjoyed it!!

The students were also interested in attending our school of 3D graphics and animation- The School of Monsters. We asked them to grow up a little and then apply for our courses!!

By the way, you can also come to our school and learn computer graphics! Find more details on the website:

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