Mission accomplished – Cristina Lupu visited China
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1 December 2023

Cristina Lupu, Product Manager for Știri.md, visited China at the invitation of the PRC Embassy in the Republic of Moldova as part of a delegation of Moldovan journalists. She familiarized herself with the work of colleagues from China International Radio and CCTV+ television channel.

The trip’s program was extensive, exposing Moldovan journalists not only to radio and television but also to the diverse aspects of the Celestial Empire. Cristina saw the ancient Forbidden City, Gugun, in Beijing, glimpsed into the future, and rode in a driverless car in Chuncing – a true center of technological innovations. She immersed herself in the world of silk in Hangzhou, touched upon history in Shanghai, and witnessed the Chinese Venice – Sitan, an ancient city standing on nine rivers. Interestingly, this can be seen in the final episodes of the blockbuster “Mission: Impossible III.”

Furthermore, Cristina engaged with professors and students from Sichuan University, familiarized herself with the operations of various companies, and gained insights into the rich culture and history of China. Symbiosis is one of the values of Simpals, and such an experience will undoubtedly become an excellent source of inspiration for Cristina.

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