Marathon organizers awarded the Volunteers of the company Simpals
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21 June 2016


The Marathon came and went, and the people who prepared it – remained. And they were left without their well-deserved rewards. They were passing near the Sporter office, smiling mysteriously and asking when will they be given the medals that can be hung on the wall with pride.

And then, finally, the solemn awarding day came. Anyone, who has volunteered on the 15th to the 17th of April, has gathered on the third floor of Simapls and was waiting for a miracle. The miracle in the form of hefty medals languished on a hanger.

On this day, we remembered all simpals-aborigines, who worked on the marathon. Those who were involved in the organization. Those who directly held the marathon. Those who helped during and after the marathon. Those who were responsible for a lot of different areas. In other words, word of gratitude were enough for everyone.

In addition to a medal everyone was also awarded with an honorary diploma, badge of Chisinau marathon volunteer, a T-shirt and a branded backpack.

And, as Dmitry Voloshin said, Simpals is the best team, and everyone working in it is CRAZY!

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