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12 June 2023

Lobster Weight has completely revolutionized the world of freediving and opened the door to new records. Today, the project turns 8, and Product Manager and СЕО Lobster Alexandra Novosiolova shares what it’s like to release the best product in the world.

– You’re involved in the production of the device that’s so good it allows you to set world records in freediving and that won the Red Dot Design Award – the Oscar for industrial design. How does all this make you feel?

– I love that this product makes me feel freediving and the freedivers community grow. It’s incredible to see a record being set, to share the emotions of the athletes, to feel like you’ve contributed to these achievements.

It’s an indescribable experience to see the world championship participants come to the surface of the water, the feelings they experience – from the disappointment of a red card to the pure joy of victory. Or someone who just set a record comes right away, in a wetsuit, to give you a hug! Any victory of this kind is first and foremost a personal victory. That’s because freediving is a special sport, and freedivers are special people, too.

– What’s special about freediving?

– It lacks the traditional “faster, higher, stronger” competitiveness. To achieve results, you need to relax as much as possible, push all your thoughts away and enter a state of perfect harmony with yourself and the world. You need to slow down, to stop at a given moment so as to consume a minimum of oxygen.

For me, freediving is the answer to present day reality. The modern world is endlessly tired of the rush for “success”, and in this sport, to do something great, you need to relax as much as possible and have fun doing it. It’s addictive.

– Have you tried freediving yourself?

– I have, and I actually intend to resume training. By the way, my coach is Aliona – the only female freediver in Moldova, mother of 4 children, who has built a business promoting freediving in our country. She is also part of our team, helping us develop prototypes and test new products.

– Sounds like the Lobster is more than just a device to you.

– That’s right. It’s not just a lead and rubber item. Over the past couple of years, we’ve become the kind of community that brings people together, regardless of their affiliation to a particular school or federation. Historically, every country has developed a particular federation, and that has always been the core of the community. Lobster is above all, it’s a passion driven community.

For me, Lobster is about people: our team, the divers, connecting with passionate people around the world. It’s a project that broadens your horizons and changes the way you perceive the world.

– And what do you feel when you tell someone you work for Simpals?

– Lobster could only have come up at Simpals. I have worked for many companies in Moldova, but Simpals has a special dimension. There are such companies abroad, some of them are already coming to our country. However, Simpals was the first space in the country with such a progressive way of managing, thinking and organizing work. It’s a special atmosphere that is absolutely necessary to create the best world-class products.

When I mention my work, I usually don’t call it Simpals, I call it Lobster. For me it’s important that people know about freediving and our product – that there is such a device, that it is developing, that the world’s best sports device in its category is made in Moldova. By the way, people abroad know more about us than people here.

– Those from abroad know more about freediving, as well.

– Exactly. Every day, we ship brand-new Lobster devices to every continent. People are eagerly expecting them. The athletes then tell us about their impressions, how their Lobster diving experience has changed them, how they have set personal records. That’s awesome.

– Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

– I see myself happy. I see myself free in terms of thinking and dreaming. I know for sure that the only limit is your mind. You can achieve absolutely anything if you want it from your heart and if you really want it. So, in 5 years I will have achieved some of my current dreams and will have new ones.

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