Live broadcasts from Turkey for the Tez Tour
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27 July 2011

We had organized the relay broadcasts from Turkey for the travel company TezTour. Our major platforms –,,, – had participated in the project

There is a proverb – it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. The phrase is very appropriate to the context of commercial live esters.

The advantages of broadcasts in real time are obvious:

– Interactivity. First of all – it’s interesting and it can attract a wider audience.

– The effect of presence. Thanks to the relayed image, the viewer is directly on the spot, he is seeing all with his own eyes.

– Coverage of the target audience. There is an opportunity to choose an on-line site and track its audience.

– Unobtrusive – the viewer chooses to watch or not watch.

– Live esters help to establish a direct link between the potential client and the company providing the service.

During the cooperation with the tour operator Tez Tour, Simpals had organized several relaying broadcasts from the resort area of Turkey.  Vivid landscapes, exotic, national character – all of these were available to visitors of the largest web platforms of our company. Also, you could watch the live broadcast on the site of the tour operator Tez Tour.

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