Let’s help the pensioners together! The campaign „Your grandmother – my grandmother”
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18 November 2015

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Dear friends! Moldnet network launched a new social campaign titled “Your grandmother- my grandmother”, and we, the Forum.md volunteers, decided to support it!

It is not a secret that, it is almost impossible to live a normal life on a pension. That is why old people are denying themselves necessary things …

The campaign “Your grandmother- my grandmother”, which was launched in social network environment by Alexei Onoino with the plea to help elderly people from our country, had rapidly triggered a wave of desire to help and support this movement.

The essence of this campaign is simple – to give older people, who you think are in need of assistance, a package with minimum products , as well as to provide any other assistance (the amount you are willing to spend is up to you). You can also pay for a basket of products of elder women, whom you may meet, by chance, in the queue at the supermarket.

You can well refuse to have an Americano coffee; however, for you, this “sacrifice” will be unperceivable, while it can provide necessary food products for several days for a retired woman!

Share this campaign with your friends, post it in social networks. It doesn’t matter the means you will choose (post, photo, link).

Friends, we make an appeal to all forum members and citizens of the country to make an act of kindness and transform this world in a slightly better place! After all, from the beginning of time Moldovans were very friendly people: we respected our grandparents and do not leave them in difficult times!

Write in the comments and tell us about your participation in the campaign, share the life stories of those people who need help.

P.S. “I spent 30 lei, and hopefully, this old woman won’t starve!”- writes Alexei Onoino on his facebook page.  

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“I joined the campaign launched by Alexei Onoino – Your Grandmother — my Grandmother. Besides giving food products to the old lady, we had had a short talk about how difficult it was for old people to live, and she said she was a railroad veteran. It was difficult for her to walk and she asked to help her reach Crylov Street. Don’t be indifferent to the hard life of our pensioners.” — writes Sergei Gramma on his web site. 

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“I joined this campaign at first opportunity. Do not be indifferent! Let’s help our grandparents. It does not take a lot of time and money. I support this noble idea.” – writes Anna Rymish on her facebook page.

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