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1 June 2009

June 1 – International Children’s Day! On this day, adults try to pay more attention to their children, to create a little holiday for them. But there are children who are deprived of the care and attention of loved ones.

In boarding school № 2 from Chisinau are studying 630 children (131 children have epilepsy, and 60 – have been in contact with TB patients). On International Children’s Day, we would like to make a present through an unforgettable holiday for children who live in the orphanage. On the funds raised, we will invite clowns, buy gifts and food.

The purpose of Shares: to congratulate the children living in the orphanage with the International Children’s Day.

Tasks: fundraising and organization of the holiday – Plan activities: fundraising, buying gifts, visiting the children along with the artists

Fundraising: is done by the principle “as much as you can.”

The place of gathering: Pushkin Street 5/4, office Simpals, tel: 24-49-49, ask for Lisa. Purchase of gifts: 29.05.09 on the collected funds we will purchase gifts. Those who are wishing to take part will be waited at the office of Simpals at 11.00. Implementation of the Feast: June 1 at 12.00 we are leaving for the orphanage.

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