“I’m Mummy’s Craftsman!”
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14 June 2015

On the 15th of June will open the doors the creative workshop for kids “I’m Mummy’s Craftsman” – a summer project for kids launched by mama.md.

kids with handmade (decoupage, moulding, modeling etc.), drawing and painting is based on the best traditions of classical education adapted for a child’s individual age. Besides, each lesson is accompanied by an excursus into one or another craft or interesting conversation.

Our atelier-studio has everything for your kid’s useful and cheerful occupation – experienced craftsmen and convenient space, pleasant artistic décor and all necessary materials.

The lessons will be conducted by experienced handmade-craftswomen of our country,

Time: from 15th of June till 31st of August, daily, 4 different masterclasses per day;

Prices: will vary depending on masterclass (token price, just to pay for materials and craftswomen work);

Place: trade center “Atrium”, main floor;

Timetable: will be renewed weekly both on our site and in “Atrium”;

The timetable will indicate the price and maximum number of kids taken by a craftswoman.

It is important that within our creative workshop we’ll organize fairs for kids works – your child will not only train in a new craft but will be able to earn the first money on it!

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