Family race HellRun 2016 was held in Moldova for the first time
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29 November 2016

On Saturday, October 29, on the eve of Halloween, the first in Moldova race for the whole family – HellRun 2016, organized by and – was held in the Chisinau Botanical Garden.



300 people took part in HellRun. For this night, these people turned into fairy-tale characters, heroes and villains of popular comic books, monsters, ghosts and vampires. All of them gathered in a dark place, where they had to overcome a spooky track of 4 kilometers, while collecting delicious sweets from the partners of the event.

Starting from 18:00, the athletes were registering and getting ready for the race, turning into real monsters, thanks to professional makeup artists. When the darkness came, the runners began aligning in the start area. Participants could easily guess that something terrible was waiting for them in the darkness, especially the starting arch of HellRun with the frightening inscription WELCOME TO HELL makes it clear that there is nothing “holy” there, in front. Only darkness, monsters and a full bag of sweets.


At the HellRun venue, themed music was playing, animators were entertaining everyone with interesting shows and competitions, creating a truly festive atmosphere that reigned in the park until the completion of the event.

So, the start of the debut race was announced after 20:00, and fearless athletes rushed into the dark forest behind the Red Bull car, which provided festive music throughout the entire route. Throughout the track, runners were met by monsters that looked even more scary than the participants, and, of course, the promised sweets. All the registered heroes, in addition to the numbers, received red bags from VideoSecurity, into which they collected candies and cookies from Dulcinella and Nefis, as well as Letto fizzy drink and juice from the partner Naturalis.

Having ran through gloomy alleys with full packages, the amateur runners, parents with children and companies of friends received at the finish line symbolic medals in the form of a cookie, made according to the devil’s recipe.

Happy faces thanked the organizers of the race for the great time in the circle of runners, who became a big family in a very short time, while taking part in all sports events from

We, the organizers of HellRun, thank you dear runners for your active participation. We also thank Sporter volunteers, who helped us hold this holiday from the very beginning to the end.


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