Have you already donated a tree to Chisinau? You can do it now!
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24 April 2023

Chisinau residents know for sure: their city is the greenest and most beautiful. And if at times it doesn’t look like that, it’s only temporary situations, because there are already people in the capital city who are working to make things right. It’s the Verde project, which celebrates its birthday today.

The project was born on 21 April 2017, in response to the sobbing trees that could no longer bear the consequences of the ice storm. Since then, project participants have managed to unite a huge number of people to bring back the title of green capital to Chisinau.

Thanks to the Verde.md project, more and more vigorous, beautiful, healthy trees are appearing in parks and squares. And on each of them is hung a leaf-shaped plaque with the name of the person who gave this tree to the city. So, all those who supported the project can be sure of one thing: that they have their roots in Chisinau.

Congratulations to all those involved in the development of Verde.md on the anniversary of the project! You have taken up a noble and important cause. Keep up your strength, perseverance and tons of support!

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