Happy Birthday, Simpals!
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31 March 2023

More than a million users from 60 countries, 110 projects and products, and around 200 enthusiastic people behind those projects. It’s a place where everyone can express their freedom, creativity and curiosity!

This year Simpals is turning 21. Even though the company was born on April 1, we have always taken everything happening here quite seriously, and certainly no fools. That’s why Simpals has grown and matured to become a unique place where people discover things and share them with the world.

We are pioneers! And we set the bar so high for ourselves that Simpals is beyond competition. That’s why everything we do takes on the superlative form “the most”!

The largest classifieds board and the most popular news sites on the Moldovan Internet. The world’s best products for swimmers and freedivers, the most massive and incredible sporting events in Moldova. The first online platforms for public procurement and distance learning in our country; also, the coolest cartoons, the handiest resources for buying tickets, the first domestic typeface Onest, and many other important and necessary things that we make the top-most priority, then give them to the world.

Simpals is also the best place for those who want to do something meaningful. And every year is the best year for us, too! How will 2022 be remembered? It was tough. But we had many things to be proud of! Our colleagues received diplomas and awards, and were speakers at important IT events in the world. We shared our experience with other companies, helped entrepreneurs understand the intricacies of digital advertising, guided volunteers and high school graduates to their career path to the IT world.

We summed up the results and started preparing for the new year of our company. Another “the most” year, as we stay true to our mission – opening up new worlds, inspiring by example. And we continue to stick to our values: speed, flexibility, honesty, daring, symbiosis, continuous self-development and producing a WOW effect. We turn the chaos of the world into the simplicity of brilliant solutions, responding to people’s real needs and making life better.


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