Happy birthday “Chisinau is ME”!
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14 October 2016


Today, we have the brightest and the most colorful celebration! And don’t you even start saying that they all are bright and colorful. This one is the most colorful, believe us! The point is that the project “Chisinau is ME” celebrates two years today! And this fact makes us extremely happy! This is because namely these wonderful people help all sorts of amazing and unexpected art objects appear in our city. Namely those objects that cause admiration and remain in our memory forever. Our unbelievable painters are always ready to see the beauty in the most banal and boring things, as well as paint and color everything.

They are walking all over Chișinau and setting their sights on various objects, thinking: ”Here we may lodge a robot; and this place is just right for old man Ion. Their main weapons are: imagination, brushes and paint. City-space is a real canvas for them, on which they are capable of creating everything they wish. For that we love and appreciate them infinitely. They are true artists, who don’t care, how many people will see the object. They give us good mood and smiles for no special reason, with all their heart and soul.

We congratulate everyone, who works in this wonderful project, and we wish them even more cool ideas. We wish them to be allowed to paint wherever and whenever they want. To always have a beautiful weather and the people, who are passing by, to always be thankful and welcoming. May the colors never end in your life, and the positive mood, which you are giving everyone, to return to you tenfold size! You are the best! Happy birthday, “Chisinau is ME”!





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