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28 February 2014

Today, on February 28, the developers of the company Simpals launched the 7th version of the website!

What has changed?

Now has a unified login system and a new engine which makes the website load faster and perform better. We updated the design and made it more functional.

What stayed the same?

All functions remained unchanged: users can still add discussions, comment, vote for their favorite topics, etc.

What has been added?

We added a few new sections, such as “People say”, “Hot topics” and the section with the most important topics of the day (voting, events, special projects, Moldovan news and news from abroad).

In general, it has become much easier and more enjoyable to use the forum. Moreover, now we have Facebook and Instagram. accounts.

PS: is open for all Internet users in Moldova and doesn’t have any limitations- we stand for the freedom of speech, freedom of expression and communication without borders.

Welcome to!

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