Foreign Students-Animators Visiting Simpals Animation Studio
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28 July 2015

There is an organization in our country that annually invites to Moldova the students from various countries of the world united by common idea. This year such idea was animation. Besides common interesting excursions the students visiting Moldova had to create their own personage (youareanimatoranyway!)

With the purpose of educational excursion the organizers invited the students to our office – Simpals animation studio. And here our artists, animators, modelers, setupers and other people of hard-to-pronounce professions have shown how to create personages. Artistic director Serdar Djumaev has shown how to develop the idea of Perses and the studio supervisor Serghei Kirillov has told why he does not accept them on the first try. The excursion was informative and very cheery. And the most pleasant thins was that the guys liked our Moldova cartoons!

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