“You are a DESIGNER” or about September 9
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9 September 2016


It’s those people that we love and admire because of r big amazing ability to transfer to the paper / monitor / huge billboard: “Well, something like that is necessary. Can you? How is it not?! You are the DESIGNER!” Yes, they hear these words often. The web-designers are those that can listen something like YOU KNOW, to understand what is expected from them and to see the picture and make it by their own hands 🙂

We are lucky that we even know them. Sometimes you might think that they are arrogant, but this deception: they are friendly and nice. Simply generally they work even when everybody are relaxing. They – creative people who like to say that all this is a normal job, which might learn anyone. But we know that it is not so easy! And looking in their eyes reddened from the monitor, want to lend drops for eyes, to hug and ask: “When you will finish all?” Our brave colleagues are incredibly strong in defending their ideas – they see and that’s it! “ And who is the designer here, me or you?!” (с). In dialogue with those people get ready for the fact that they can unexpectedly (even for themselves :)) to distract and something to write down or sketch (also such happened 🙂 ). They see the world in color, and vector and layers. And to be honest they are a bit crazy. Thanks to them we see the embodiment of all our extravagant ideas.

Yes, as you already understand friends, colleagues, again we celebrate their professional holiday. This time the lucky have become all who knows from what side opens any editing software. Today, on September 9 celebrates the Day of graphic designer. And we wish these brave boys so the world for them to always remain in the same color and YOU KNOW was always easy and clear. May many of them are on vacation, but we hug you all to sturdy and expect that all of our projects you have completed on time 🙂



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