Women at Simpals – the strong link in an innovative team
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8 March 2024

The first computer program, wifi, Kevlar and the ability to isolate stem cells – the number of important discoveries made by women around the world is growing. Simpals is a team of innovators, and much of its success is due to women.

At Simpals, it is important that all employees, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or religion, are able to make full use of their talents. Success and career advancement depend on everyone’s effort and desire to develop, because development is one of our values.

We are delighted to celebrate the success of the women at Simpals and not just on March 8. Approximately 54% of our employees are women: 132 out of 246. And we have about the same proportion in top management: 12 out of 21 managers. Women at Simpals successfully manage projects, develop products and make unique devices, solve financial and legal issues, handle industrial design and write software code.

All of these important, serious and responsible activities don’t stop them from becoming increasingly charming, loving, building their personal lives and raising children, enjoying perfume, cosmetics and fashion, and engaging in a variety of hobbies – from growing flowers to extreme martial arts. Women at Simpals are just the way they want to be, to live life to the fullest. They are beautiful and strong, gentle and determined, empathetic and relentless, sociable and mysterious. And in every one of their expressions, they are admired.

At Simpals, women achieve their dreams as successfully as men. And that’s the reason why the company is so strong that it has the audacity to include pure magic on its list of values. Together, we open new worlds, inspiring others by our example. It’s important for us to change the world for the better, but it’s even more important to help people do it together. And if the Simpals’ example teaches others to fly as high as we do, we’ll consider our mission successfully accomplished. Find out more about us.

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