Vasiliy Bologov: “Fishing develops flexibility”
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25 March 2024

Our new hero is Senior back-end developer Vasiliy Bologov. His hobby requires patience and attention to detail, but it also gives him the joy of communicating with nature and important lessons for personal growth. 

Where did your passion for fishing begin?

  • Fishing is more than just a hobby for me, it is an important part of my life. It all started in childhood, when my family and I lived in Kaluga and together with my father and grandfather we used to go fishing. Ever since that time, my love for fishing has grown and strengthened. 

How did moving to Moldova affect your hobby?

  • Moving to Moldova, I was worried that I would have to give up fishing. In Moldova, of course, the choice is not as great as in Kaluga. But, to my surprise, there are some very good fishing spots here, especially on the Dniester and the lakes in Chisinau. 

What is your most significant catch?

  • Undoubtedly, it is a 5 kg silver carp from “La Izvor” Lake. I am really proud of this catch. Unfortunately, there are no pikes in Moldovan reservoirs, but even so, everyone can enjoy fishing here. 

Fishing has opened new horizons for Vasiliy and taught him valuable lessons. 

  • Fishing teaches me the ability to solve problems and adapt. There are always surprises on the water, and you need to find solutions quickly. These skills help me in my job as well. 

Definitely, fishing requires constant adaptation to new conditions, which is in line with one of Simpals values – flexibility.

  • Every time I get out on the water, I have the opportunity to focus and discover new horizons in my thinking. Fishing teaches patience, concentration and the ability to deal with non-standard situations. So in my profession, it is important to be able to adapt and make strategic decisions.

Vasiliy feels the support of his loved ones in his hobby and appreciates the time he can spend with his family.

  • My family is my support and inspiration. My wife and eldest child often accompany me on fishing trips. It has become our family tradition that strengthens our relationship and allows us to enjoy nature together.
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