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10 November 2016

Do you know that looking in the comments on the news websites it is like looking in the dark which is full of rubbish. All this we avoid with our sensitive nose, and if we go down we mutter ”Mom I want to come back home”, but we have those who bravely and fearlessly give out banhammer’s strikes on the head of those who don’t behave as they should do it or those who don’t respect the rules. This people muckrakes such mountains of verbal ore that it seems their shoulders are so big – some three meters 🙂 They are the ones who are sobbing the first on the announces of 999’s website, and  who gather all this trash carefully in a special folder for our collection. They are the ones who must communicate with all kind of inadequate people. They are the ones who have enough patience to explain politely to the clients that they are a little bit wrong perceiving the world. And with all that, they are remaining calm and  they have forces for joking about all this hell 🙂 Briefly, today the ”Red Banner” moderator department (practically the Red Banner guard) in its full composition are marking their professional day!

It is difficult to tell where and when was invented this feast, probably a record of it was removed as inappropriate to the rules 🙂 But we firmly believe that we need to celebrate them today and right now 🙂




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