The day of true heroes
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9 May 2021

Today we mark the day of true heroes! The day of the heroes who lived in the middle of the last century and brought peace to the world. And also, the day of the heroes who rush to help us every single day.


Congratulations to all who mark Victory Day. This holiday would not have existed without the superhuman efforts of our grandparents. The victory was achieved at a great cost. That is why this day is a reason for joy because evil has been defeated, but also a reason for tears, because the pain experienced by that generation was so heavy. This day has been marked for many years in a row and will continue to be a vivid memory in our hearts and our children’s hearts. Congratulations on Victory Day! Dear veterans, we are deeply grateful for what you did!

Also, today, other heroes celebrate their holiday. Day after day, no matter what, regardless of their mood, weather outside, health condition and other factors, they bravely perform the most important mission in life – being mothers to us. Every year, the second Sunday in May, the International Mother’s Day is celebrated. It is a bright and kind celebration, a day that should be marked every day! Thank you for your concern, for your understanding, for your forgiveness. Thank you for loving us unconditionally! Thank you for being there! Wishing all mothers good health!


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