Court, Rackets and Two Tennis Balls
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8 July 2017


Dear friends, if you think court tennis is just about useless racket waving, snow white mini-skirts, and a poster on the wall featuring Maria Sharapova or Steffi Graf, we should tell you it’s not quite the thing 🙂 On Saturday, a part of our team went to ACVILA GRUP tennis court, in order to pick up the intricacies of this, all kidding aside, great sport.

There we were welcomed by Inna (the administrator), Katya and Sasha (tennis coaches). With a smile on their face, they explained us in simple language and showed us how to hold the racket correctly, how to hit (without leaving a bruise), how to hit back an intricate tennis serve, and who should run after tennis balls, when they fly over the fence 🙂 And of course, there were at once several people in our team who mastered the racket as if they played tennis since they were born 😉

Our impromptu Grand Slam tournament, with a prize made of newspaper, gave us a sea of emotions, drive and fun. In spite of a piping hot day, we fell in love with this sport forever.

And now, as tradition demands, here is our photo report 🙂


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