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14 June 2018

Today, June 14, Simpals team celebrated World Blood Donor Day. Guess how? Sure, we wanted to run a contest for the best Jack the Ripper and Bloody Mary but thought these ideas so trivial that we decided to do charity. Encouraged by the motives of medieval legends and the belief in pure blood, the company’s employees went to Telecentru district in Chisinau to say goodbye to their red and white blood cells.6D8A1718

The voluntary visit to the blood transfusion center was really to the point, even fateful. When the guys came to the center, they saw a frustrated woman rushing through the corridor. It turned out that her daughter is in a difficult situation and needs a transfusion. The girl’s mother could not find the necessary number of donors. It seems that our employees have a great intuition, because today the Simpals guys decided to hit the needle.


And so they donated blood, making the woman happy. We do hope that the girl will recover soon!

As a result, almost 3 liters of blood and 1.5 liters of plasma were donated in exchange for 5164 grams of positive emotions. As for the colleagues of newly-made donors, they got the trophy – 2.5 kilograms of Korean carrot salad (*we’re really thinking of a carrots-party in the next teambuilding*) and many other delicious things.

6D8A1858By the way, everyone interested can submit a certain amount of fluid mobile connective tissue of the internal milieu, to the blood transfusion center located at: 11, Academiei str.


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