Simpals Stories: Bonnie and Clyde
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29 February 2024

Simpals is an unusual company with unusual people. It’s important for us to see life play out in all its facets – that’s why we have so many interests and hobbies. Thanks to them, we’ve accumulated so many interesting stories that it’s time to start a special section for them.

Simpals Stories: Bonnie and Clyde 

It’s only fair that we start this series of stories with our “old-timers”. Meet Bonnie and Clyde. A pair of playful marmosets who hold a special place in our company and in the hearts of the employees.

Bonnie and Clyde settled in long ago, during the times of the old Simpals office, and immediately took on important responsibilities – they help us relieve our stress and inspire us with their positive outlook on life. And we take care of them with gratitude. Our little monkeys live in a fully-equipped house, and every day they receive a lunch of selected fruits and nuts, as well as delicious worms and bugs.

They are very energetic and friendly, and even seem to share our values of speed, flexibility, audacity, and symbiosis. And of course, Bonnie and Clyde are another reminder of what a special company we work for. Want to know more?


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