Simpals organized a football flash mob
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16 September 2012

On Sunday, September 16, 2012 the mini-football tournament among Simpals employees was held on the main street of the capital. We thought that in order to experience the thrill of competition and the intensity of emotional excitement it is not necessary to wait for a sign from above- the Olympic Games, European Championships or the World Cup. That’s why we decided to organize our own football tournament and show everyone that sport is not only useful, but also fun! 


This weekend the city center and the main street, Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, have turned into a pedestrian zone. We used this opportunity and created a playground right in front of the theater “Mihai Eminescu”. 4 teams of 5 players each participated in the competition. The matches lasted for half an hour, consisting of two 15 minute halves.

The main goals of our sporting event:

– to develop urban pedestrian zones in Chisinau;
– to develop amateur sport;
– to promote a healthy lifestyle and sport though the active involvement of the city residents.

Should we tell you how passionate and excited our players were, competing in front of a wide audience? Despite the friendly status of the match and the symbolic prize, which was a vase with flowers ( a symbol of ecological and active leisure), nobody wanted to be second. The balls were flying into different gates, but the main thing is not to win, but to get some positive emotions, a lot of impressions and a good mood which accompanied the participants of the team-building when they were leaving the improvised football stadium


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