Simpals front end developer will speak at OpenSource Camp Moldova 2018
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17 April 2018

The senior front-end developer of Simpals projects, Igor Clemencov, will make a presentation “Declarative revolution in interface development” at the first edition of OpenSource Camp Moldova 2018. Igor will tell the audience about declarative programming, why it is necessary and how React has influenced the modern approach to interface development.

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Simpals actively supports OpenSource Camp Moldova 2018 also because it uses advanced open source solutions and contributes to open source projects.

OpenSource Camp Moldova 2018 is an event organized by the Drupal Moldova Association with the support of USAID Moldova and the Government of Sweden, due on April 21-22 at Tekwill Center. OpenSource Camp Moldova 2018 is an important event for developers and web architects. The participants will not only be able to share best practices and new ideas but also apply the knowledge gained.

According to the organizers, the conference is an international event that will be attended by over 300 participants from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Great Britain and other European countries.

You can find the schedule of the event on the site.



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