Sadhu board – Simpals getting new sensations
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5 May 2023

Free your mind, relieve stress and get a thrill. Those at Simpals had an unusual experience – standing on nails. Those who were brave enough to try it were assisted by an experienced guide, Valeria Lin.

“I really enjoyed the unexpected sensations, – shared Sales manager Irina Sacara, who tried the nail board for the first time. – It’s an invigorating and challenging experience. If you manage to overcome the pain threshold, it’s like overcoming yourself, your fears. I would definitely go again.” 

Sadhu boards are used to achieve spiritual goals, and Irina’s experience is quite revealing in this respect. The technique helps you to focus, learn to control your thoughts and emotions. Plus, you can feel what it’s like to trust someone who is there for you and supporting you. “The support was important for me, – Irina noted. – Without support you feel like quitting. But you are encouraged and you can get over the first shock”.

New experiences are a constant part of life at Simpals. We find new opportunities for professional development and gain experiences that help us see life from a different perspective. That’s why standing on nails has been a challenge for many of us.

Some of our colleagues were already familiar with this practice, but they still discovered something new: “I’m in a state of meditation standing on nails, – confessed one of them. – When I climb on them, I feel a sharp pain in my feet, as if I were on fire. But with time this pain diminishes and gradually turns into a bitter feeling of heaviness, as if my feet have turned into stone pillars supporting my weight. I did standing on nails before, but it’s the first time I feel like this.”

What’s next? We will keep discovering new possibilities and new worlds. We will continue evolving and discovering new things. Because this helps us feel the fullness of life and experience all its colors. 

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