Roman Nuța’s olfactory anchors
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30 May 2024

He knows how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even seal death. At the home of digital marketer Roman Nuța, there is a special cabinet full of elixirs, pure emotions, and dreams. Those contain dew-soaked moss and the warmth of Christmas, the purity of a frosty morning, and the madness of the tropics. How is it possible? Roman collects perfumes. Are you doubtful about sealed death? You just haven’t encountered the lethal oud smell.

“I perceive the world through scents,” says Roman. “For the aroma of lilacs, I can go to the Botanical Garden. I love aquatic scents and can lose track of time because of lemon zest. But truly strong emotions are triggered by other olfactory anchors. Hot cast iron radiators smell like childhood and happiness, while freshly baked biscuits with milk evoke joy.”


Modern perfumers know how to weave such notes into their compositions, so perfumes can trigger an explosion of emotions. “I once opened a bottle of CK One Summer 2019, and it was like a shot – I was immediately transported to a time in my life when everything was extraordinary! And the bottle has only three scents: water, wood, and tea.”


Roman has a dream – to visit Grasse — the capital of perfumes. Ideally, he would like to take a training course and even create his own composition. It would include the seashore, a salty wooden pier, the wind over scorched grass, and a secret ingredient that would take you straight back to childhood. This is what we call real magic. And you were surprised about the promotion wonders performed by Roman. Don’t forget, Pure magic is an official value at Simpals.

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