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26 January 2018

Did you know that Montgolfier brothers invented the hot air balloon back in 1872? We didn’t, but found out tonight, after Simpals team participated in Moldcell Quiz Pub. The questions, as well as the participants, were numerous and different. All we can say for sure is that we’ve spent time cheerfully and usefully. And, as a result, took the III place.

And so as you can learn first-hand how was the atmosphere at the event, here are the impressions of some members of Simpals team.

Tatiana: ”The organizers took care to make the atmosphere at the event friendly and warm, so as the competitive spirit and erudition won’t prevail. We’ve had to pass 6 turns of 8 questions each, and the questions were from different spheres: music, sports, numbers, pictures, etc. By the end of a fair play, our team took the III place. No, not out of three teams 😀 Lots of people wanted to participate, so we’ve got worthy opponents.”

Pavel: “Olecika, without leaving anyone a slightest chance, guessed all the songs from the first note. So everyone has done a good job. The ones who shirked and didn’t want to come did great, too. We’ve got more umbrellas 😉 And Simpals is on top, as usual: let your employees drink a beer, eat some yummies, have a great time and get some prizes (alright, through hard work:)) during work time, and it’s your TASK, it’s… there are no words for such things… simpalstastic…”

Veronica: “The evening was full of challenges and “Eureka” moments, which made you feel genius in some weird way. Relaxed atmosphere, happy people and absolutely delicious food. I bet that, if I had one more chance to participate in such an event, I would agree without hesitation.”



We would like to thank the organizers for the gifts and surprises they’ve prepared for us at the end of the event, and also for the great food. Our team has got diaries, umbrellas, a book, a bottle of wine, 5 GB internet traffic for each participant, and in the morning a courier came into our office with a marvelous cake for the champions of Moldcell Quiz Pub.



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