Optical checks to complete Simpals wellness programme for employees
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24 April 2023

A team of Farmacia Familiei optometrists was present at the Simpals office for 2 days with all the necessary equipment. Every employee of the company had the opportunity to have their eyes checked. The consultations are part of Simpals wellness programme for employees.

Human eyes are designed to see far, but we work long hours in front of the computer, rest in front of the TV or with our mobile phone in hand. Progress has changed our lives so rapidly that our eyesight hasn’t had time to adapt to the new challenges and our eyes have become very vulnerable.

It is necessary for modern people to have site testing and take corrective measures as soon as possible to increase the chances of maintaining good vision in the future. However, few people follow this rule. Most of the time, optical checks are not high on the list of priorities. Simpals employees are no different from other companies’ staff, which is why the decision was made to offer them eye tests right at their workplace.

Sight testing has become a new component of Simpals comprehensive wellness programme for employees. The programme also includes fruit day, massage, yoga and meditation sessions, psychological counseling, the opportunity to participate in various sporting events and much more. Recently, the programme has been supplemented with optical checks.

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