Elusive Matcovschi
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15 August 2019

After so many years of working together side by side, after thousands of tasks and problems solved with the simple question: „Where’s Matcovschi?”, after so many wise jokes, constant help, practical tips and vivid shared memories, we came to a single possible conclusion: Andrei yet has a serious drawback – he is one and only to a whole team of us, and so we hardly share him.


Today, on Andrei’s birthday, we tried to share him with each other in our own way, the so-called „Simpalsian style”, taking share and share alike, so that no one would suffer. In particular, Andrei himself;)

Andrei, we wish you a happy birthday! May you live a long and fruitful life! We wish that all the positive thoughts that come to your mind very quickly were put into action! 🙂 May each day bring you so many pleasant and joyful moments that there would be no place left for anything else 🙂 Happy Birthday!

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