Kids in the House. Edition 2.
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10 June 2015

Some of these days we have thought and counted and got into ineffable joy! We found that our 120 simpals-participants had totally 60 kids!

And as on the 1st of June all the good people celebrate the “Childen’s Day”, we decided to congratulate our kids.

On the 5th of June we invited the kids and their parents to Simpals. And what have they found here? Certainly, the delicacies in the marathon daypack and the sweetest (in the proper sense of the word) medals for the future champions. And of course, the entertainment! The “bread” is not tasty without the “circuses”!


Animators for the smallest and “Mendelevium” for the elder ones! The hocus-pocuses have created a real furore! Such admiration! And only among the adults, and even more among the youngsters!


There was a lot of fun! See it yourselves

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