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9 February 2023

Last week our colleagues ran a nifty meetup for product analysts: Team Lead Product Analyst Aksinia Chumachenko was the speaker, and Junior+ Product Analyst Mila Priymak helped deliver the workshop.
The role of a Product Analyst combines a lot of duties. A few of these include reviewing market data, shaping charts and diagrams, using data collected to support hypotheses and easy-to-understand conclusions, so necessary for the deliberate development of the project. The task of the analyst is to detect hidden problems and measure growth rates, decide which things are good or necessary, and which are not.
At the meetup, Aksinia told us how it all happens in practice. It came out interesting and useful, because, firstly, our speaker is based on her own experience in Ozon, Sber, and Simpals. Secondly, she is a mentor of the international program Women in Tech, and she knows perfectly well how to present information in a memorable way. And – most importantly! – she is really passionate about her job. “Product analytics for me is an opportunity to help the product grow and influence it, – says Aksinia. – Improve the customer journey, find points of growth, provide insights: you can do it all with the help of data!”

Participants learned how to collect data about a product and its use, and what is important to consider when choosing the right metrics and drawing relevant conclusions. They were able to see examples of the entire process that adds up to a company’s ability to offer the most useful products to its customers, to effectively develop and to successfully compete.

It is essential that the theory was followed by practice, and those attending the meetup were able to test their own ideas. Mila was the best at this part. She has only been in analytics for a year, but given Mila’s enthusiasm for what she does, there’s no doubt that she’ll soon become a true analytics Jedi herself.

“I fearlessly went into analytics, even though I didn’t fully grasp what product analysts do, – confesses Mila. – I had to learn a lot, master the tools, and gradually the job began to open up, getting more and more interesting. To those who are thinking about entering the analytics field now, I can give some advice: don’t stop halfway and don’t get upset if something doesn’t work out. It’s definitely worth entering the specialty for those who like to understand data, conduct research, and look for insights for product development.”

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