Igor Miasnicov – Project Manager Garage
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8 June 2023

The most exciting thing about the Simpals Garage startup accelerator for Igor Miasnicov is the opportunity to make discoveries. “A startup accelerator is a place where new things are born. It’s flexibility, boldness and constant search, that’s why we get such awesome devices!”

Igor joined Simpals in early 2023 with experience in serious companies, including SberBank. “I was surprised to learn that Moldova had developed from scratch innovative devices that hold a whole niche in the international market. SONR products are in demand in America, New Zealand, Australia – everywhere.”

Igor believes that in 5 years, Garage will be integrated in the international development community as an influential entity: “We will be working with universities and teams from different countries on serious projects. Garage will be a popular name, so a lot of people will want to work with us to develop new products.”

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