Ice Cream Day at Simpals: in high spirits!
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20 June 2023

We have some delicious news today: the beginning of this week at Simpals was marked by Ice Cream Day! We believe that good mood speeds up the workflow. Well, what can provide employees with a good mood? Obviously, a summer treat that everyone prefers – ice cream!

Ice cream day has become one of our favorite traditions. Throughout the day, Simpals team members enjoyed a variety of ice cream flavors – from classic to exotic. Everyone from Simpals had a great time, exchanged impressions, spent time together and bonded as a team.

Ice cream day is just one of the internal events that create a friendly vibe in the office. In our bonus basket, you will find: Fruit Day each Wednesday, joyful holiday celebrations, team building activities. We are happy to take any chance to thank colleagues and to show that together, we can do anything!

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