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21 September 2016


Dear colleagues, today in our office we celebrate a very serious professional holiday. Usually, namely these people meet everybody, who comes to interviews. They are recruiting for us new colleagues, who later become our friends. Yes, today is the HR- specialist professional day.

Our HR specialists are very dedicated: it is difficult to imagine, how much human “ore” they have shoveled until they found the diamonds that work in our company. They almost never recount, how many unbelievable stories they have heard at the interviews. But we are sure that, if they wanted, they could write a book “How to be an HR and to not get disappointed in people”. They are also capable of organizing any kind of celebration for all us. They are aware of the company’s internal policy, they are storing corporative culture and values in a secret safe deposit box, are hiding in files all sorts of characteristics on each of our employees. They also look after the newcomers when they start, to not let them running scared. Shortly speaking, these people, due to the nature of their activity, are very patient and   treat well everyone, who comes to “Simpals”.

Hey, Charms! We congratulate you and we wish that your love for work never leaves you, and that all the candidates, coming to interviews, tell you everything themselves, instead of looking at the ceiling and waiting to be asked questions.

We wish you that those, who don’t suit us, would never bother you with their silly calls and letters. We wish that you always have at hand: hot tea, tasty biscuits and faithful friends.

PS: Valeria Marinescu, your gift will wait for you!!

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