How those at Simpals combine sports and wine
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20 January 2019

Everybody knows that Simpals employees are active and sports-oriented people, who are always willing to take part in the most extreme and unusual sporting events. The unique wine race Milestii Mici Wine Run is no exception. [ish_divider][ish_gallery images=”30178,30179,30180,30181″ gallery_type=”slideshow” columns=”4″ nav_align=”center” nav_color=”color5″ prevnext_color=”color5″][ish_gallery images=”30182,30183,30184″ gallery_type=”masonry” columns=”3″][ish_divider][vc_column_text]The most active of Simpals employees went to conquer the wine galleries at running pace, meanwhile tasting the most exclusive Moldovan wines. Dmitri Voloshin was spotted among the participants. For him, this winter run “Moldovan-style” was like a nice promenade after the Yakutian frost.


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