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12 March 2018

If on March 8 the womankind celebrates the International Women’s Day, on March 7 the whole world celebrates the International Female Colleagues’ Day 🙂 And if someone knows the perfect way to greet ladies, these are the men from Simpals 😀 Red carpet, a glass of champagne and flowers. And a “No choice” radio with music requests and live congratulations. Dear ladies, Happy Women’s Day 🙂


Here is a small part of the congratulations written by our men:

„Dear beloved ladies, we, men, are always in a hurry. This is our nature 🙂 So we will congratulate you with this wonderful holiday today 🙂 And, you know, we won’t be able to explain in two words how much we love you. It’s simply impossible 🙂 Because you’re very complicated, and, at the same time, extremely simple. Because women are an incredible miracle that can’t be explained, no matter how hard you try. Because your alluring and charming figures hide a fairy tale, an untold secret which drives us crazy. Because your gentle smiles tell us a lot more things than you think 😉 Because your eyes hide an immense world, full of worries we won’t ever be able to understand. 😉 Because you sing and dance with so much grace and elegance, that it seems like you can dance on the petals of early spring flowers. Because each day you show us all the colors of the world: you’re always fabulous, gentle, subtle, outrageously beautiful, attracting, mysterious, tough, furious, tricky, ironic, joyful, quarrelsome, smart, sensual and elegant in your uniqueness 🙂 We really want your life to be a fascinating adventure, which you will always want to talk about 🙂

Be happy! Be loved! Be always the best! 😉 Congratulations, our dear girls! 🙂

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