Happy 256th day!
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13 September 2021

We dare you to count what day of the year it is today, but you can’t use a calendar or calculator. Oh yeah, it’s the 256th day. This is the “smoothest” and “clearest” date that one can think of. Today is the Programmer’s Day, so we congratulate all the programmers in Moldova (and in the whole world!). Greetings to people who understand, write and speak the most unusual languages! 

And of course, we congratulate the guys who are fulfilling this complicated mission at Simpals. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for being such an important part of our large team. And thank you for helping build the IT future of Moldova. 

We promise to take care of you, our dear code-wrITing colleagues. May the muse never leave your and keep up the glucose level for you brain. Happy Programmer’s Day!




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