Gone to the Mountains…
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2 August 2013

The employees of the company “Simpals” stopped using the “human” language. In their conversation they more frequently use such words, as: “equipment”, “training”, “challenge”, etc. This happens because of the fact that a long time ago a great idea struck our director’s mind: “Sport is cool!”

And off we go =)

Many employees have replaced their sleep with a morning run, exchanged bars and cafes for the gym, started drinking some healthy yummy stuff instead of taking smoke breaks.

What results did we get?

– We have launched a sports website Sporter.md.

– We hold monthly sporting events dedicated to different sport disciplines. This one and this one. Now we’re busy preparing for the next event.

– We decided that it’s time to conquer not only the territory of Moldova, but other countries as well.
And you know what?

On the 1st of August, under the auspices of Sporter.md, a group of crazy dare-devils, working at “Simpals”, set off for Europe. Well, it wasn’t a business trip. They went there to conquer the highest mountain in Europe- Mont Blanc.

Two weeks without supervision! Yeah!
The guys will rise to a height of 4810 m above sea level. How this adventure will end, we’ll find out in two weeks. Our daily reports will keep you informed during this time. Follow the news on the website sporter.md.

P.S. By the way, we’ve already announced the enrollment for the next trip. Find the time and place of the journey on the website sporter.md =)

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