Free workouts – for Simpals employees
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2 November 2023

From November, Simpals employees have gained access to over 90 sports facilities! They can train at any of them, any day, at any time – completely free of charge. Available activities include swimming, yoga, strength training, group workouts, billiards, and much more.

This came about because our wellbeing programs expanded through connecting to the UpFit program. Now, thanks to the company’s support, each of its employees has even more opportunities to take care of their health and well-being.

The convenience of the UpFit application lies in that the user is not tied to a specific sports venue; they decide where and when to go. The bonus can easily be used by those working from the office, remote employees, or even those living in other cities. Speed and progress are values of Simpals, and the new program fully meets these values.

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