Eskimo Day in Simpals
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24 January 2017

There are moments when you are in the middle of the winter, outside is snowing but you want to feel like in a warm and sunny day. What you should do? The answer is very simple. Write down the recipe, we give it for free 🙂 So, take an eskimo, sit down with your friends and enjoy your ice-cream. This is it 🙂 Moreover that in this day, 24th of January in 1922, Christian Nelson said : “Eskimo will look like this” and everybody believed him and even gave him patent. From that moment, in this day is celebrated The International Day of Eskimo. We also decided to be a part of this holiday 🙂 Here’s why each employee from our office recieved the well deserved eskimo.

P.S.: You already ate your eskimo? No? Than we come to you!


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