A week without plastic! How Simpalseans coped with the „Eco Friendly Week” challenge
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25 March 2019

Here at Simpals we are simple, always having fun and up to mischief, and however conscientious when it is appropriate and ready to help in need. When it comes to adventure, we definitely say: „Yes, sure, we’re up to it!” And that’s how we responded to the „Eco Friendly Week” challenge that took place in our company last week.

We all know how „unfriendly” plastic is for the whole planet, and we also realize how „indispensable” all these things became –plastic bags, tableware, plates and glasses. More than that, we know that any change for the better is possible if only each of us makes efforts!


A week without plastic? It was not hard at all! We started by drinking coffee from ceramic cups, then tried to replace plastic bags with textiles or paper, forgot the meaning of plastic tableware and used some wooden sticks to stir the sugar into the tea mug! By the way, the so-called „paper” cups are as bad as plastic ones because they are plastic-treated inside and do not deserve the title of „eco” at all. So we decided to put them away in the cupboard!

However, old habits acquired over the years would not let us accept changes so quickly, and one day we were about to give up … But we are Simpalseans, which means that ambition and perseverance is flowing through our veins. So, not only we managed to cope with the challenge, but we also decided to make it a habit from now on, and extend the „Eco Week” to a „Eco Month”, „Eco Year” and maybe „ECO LIFE”!

Let’s be grateful to our planet for all the marvels that it offers us every day! Let’s give it back our compassion, love and responsibility!

Join the community of those who avoid plastic and give a helping hand to nature. It’s a small yet very important gesture for the future!

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