Ecaterina Boico – HR Director!
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21 March 2022

We are happy to introduce to you Ekaterina Boyko, the new Simpals HR Director! Ekaterina has a great managerial experience: 14 years as a manager, 7 years as a company founder and 4 years as a sales executive. Our HR Director has more than 3 years of experience in sales training, which she combined with her general HR position. Considering Ekaterina’s impressive experience, we invited her to work at Simpals as an HR Business Partner. Our new employee has degrees in economics and psychology. It is an unusual combination nowadays but it was exactly the knowledge which helped Ekaterina to achieve excellent results. One of the priority values that Simpals promotes is the search for and development of talent. The company offers its employees free training thus giving them an opportunity to develop. Within 7 months, Ekaterina attended 7 courses held by Mike Pritula (one of the best HR specialists in CIS countries). After 7 months of training and honing her skills, Ekaterina became Simpals HR Director.

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