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20 July 2021

Working at Simpals is not just about challenging tasks, constant growth and cool folks around from whom you learn new things every day. This is also about unusual lunch breaks 🙂

For example: lunch with a delicious cup of coffee. The guys from Tucano Beans dropped by and treated us to some extraordinary coffee, or better say, made a coffee tasting for us. And we, as humble people, tasted everything they offered us 😄 Coffee junkies – oh yeah, that’s us 😄 We not just fell in love with coffee again but also had a achance to learn a lot of new things: how to drink coffee correctly (no, not in one gulp), what flavours exist (apart from strong and light taste), and how to roast it (in a frying pan, but not like pancakes). The bravest of us prepared a cup of aromatic coffee on their own.

So, the tasting ended up with a heavy (coffee) drunkenness and a boost of productivity until the end of the working day. Thanks a lot, that was so delicious! Welcome back!






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