Chief Technical Officer Andrei Călărășanu
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31 May 2024

Andrei has been working at Simpals for 10 years. He has witnessed and participated in the significant changes that have brought the company to its current position. What has been the most important, the most difficult, and the most encouraging, and how does Andrei see the future of Simpals?

— How did your evolution at Simpals begin?

— I started as a software developer. I came here as a student and knew almost nothing. It was difficult, unclear, but very interesting. Plus, I had a strong desire to develop myself and I got great support from my mentors.


— What was your department like at that time?

— The team consisted of 2 developers and a manager. There was no separation between product and project yet, so the manager was a jack-of-all-trades. We had tasks that were almost impossible, so we had to develop quickly to reach the next level.


— What have been the main changes in the company since then?

— We no longer work in a startup style; we are developing as a large company. We have well-defined processes and organized planning. Everything is more predictable, and there is a clear grading system for all positions.

Our technical department has 6 directions now. Each one is led by a top specialist. Each of these teams has clear tasks and confidently solves them. We work with large projects that need to be completed in a short time. We have managed to create such a powerful team that now I am sure that practically everything is achievable.

Managers not only coordinate the work of their departments but also help employees develop according to their personal development plans (PDP).


— Growth is one of Simpals’ values. What does it offer employees?

— Our Simpals Academy training system is a huge benefit for everyone who joins the Simpals team. It allows you to reach a completely new level, learn a new profession or skills. Everything I know, I learned at Simpals.


— How do you see Simpals in 5 years?

— Five times bigger and five times cooler. We will solve completely new, revolutionary problems that now seem impossible.

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