Carolina Mititiuc – the girl who beat gravity
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29 April 2024

Every time we prepare a story for Simpals hobby we are convinced that nothing is impossible for our colleagues. If they want to, they can even beat gravity. Middle Product 999 Carolina Mititiuc spends her free time this way.

“I’m into a type of aerial arts – pole dance. It’s about elements on the pole that are combined into a dance, which is officially recognized as a sport”, Carolina says.

He has been practicing for two years and has a lot to be proud of: “At the beginning it was very difficult, I couldn’t do it at all. I was angry that others succeeded and I didn’t. But with each lesson I became more confident and got better and better”. Now Carolina is already an example to others. “Am I proud of myself? Yes, I am immensely proud of myself! I’ve never done sports before, and now I can even perform. And I’m happy that I’m doing something for myself, for my body”.

Flexibility is a Simpals value, and it’s precisely this quality that has helped Carolina find a hobby she enjoys. “I don’t like sports, – she admits. – No way. But I wanted to add activity to my life. In the end, pole dancing replaced not only sports, but also seeing a psychologist”.

Pole training is a serious physical workload because you’re working with your own weight. “You’re not just doing push-ups or lifting weights, you’re floating in the air”, – Carolina specifies. Of course, you have to fall down from time to time, so girls who pole dance get a lot of bruises. However, every fall is a lesson, and the first thing beginners learn is how to fall correctly.

Pole dancing also teaches you to understand your body, feel it and control it: “It trains your instincts and often you don’t even have time to think about it, and your muscles are already working in such a way that you keep your balance and avoid falling. It develops coordination, grace and femininity. You start to feel like a beautiful young woman who has confidence in herself and her body”.

Of course, it’s also very beautiful. “I use a pole for what I do, but the elements can also be performed on spirals or silks, says Carolina. – All this develops creativity, the ability to perceive music, because each lesson or performance is unique, the dance is born instantly”.

Рole dance develops qualities that help self-realization in other areas as well. Perseverance, the ability not to back down, to find non-standard solutions and even a philosophical attitude towards unpleasant moments, which unfortunately we can’t do without: “Many people mistakenly associate the pole with the striptease, even though it is an athletic device like the bars, rings or the balance beam. I used to get upset by comments about stripping, not so much now. Call it whatever, but you might as well try doing something on the pole yourself”.

Carolina is even willing to act as a coach, especially for her colleagues: “They promised to install a pole for me at Simpals – I’d love to give a masterclass! It’s enough to try it once and already you won’t be able to give up pole dancing. I recommend it to everyone!”


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