Burger Lunch by Barbar
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13 September 2017

Today we had to act as guinea pigs… But don’t worry, we’re alright 🙂 All we had to do was taste the delicious Burgers by Barbar. The cool guys at BarBar burger bar can cook burgers by the book. Today they called on us, and a few minutes later, a real burger bar appeared in front of Simpals office. And when the aroma of burgers freshly cooked on open fire blurred around the office, a whole crowd rose outside, all of them eager to enjoy the real burgers. Everyone who tried the snacks was delighted.

Let us add that BarBar will be our partners for the third International Chisinau Marathon. So everyone who comes to the Great National Assembly Square will be able to taste the best burgers in Chisinau.

P.S. The burgers turned out to be so delicious that our colleagues used them for marriage proposals 😀


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