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1 April 2014

StopHam Moldova together with the company Simpals decided to congratulate everyone on April Fools’ Day and made the following video. No one was harmed except the car=) Everyone is safe and sound. We wish the same to you and everyone else!

Read the fragment of the article published on to find out what happened.

The owner of the car who parked his vehicle in the wrong place attacked the activists with a bat.

The incident occurred on Calea Orheiului Street near the automotive market. The members of the StopHam movement tried to put a wrong parking sticker on the windshield of a BMW. The driver in his turn reacted aggressively: he jumped out of the car and started to fight off the activists using a baseball bat” – reports

The members of StopHam decided to stand up for themselves and give the parking violator a good lesson by smashing windows of his car. After that, the driver apologized for his aggressive behavior and parked his car in the parking lot which was not far away”.

Judging by the comments on, not all the viewers realized at once that it was a joke, but maybe that’s the way it should be =) Unauthorized parking still remains a pressing problem in Chisinau.
Of course, this video is just a joke. The Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova doesn’t allow to take such actions and violators get away with a reprimand or a sticker=)
Happy April Fools’ Day! Be polite on the road!

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