A superheroic Friday took place at Simpals
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21 November 2023

Last Friday was unfolded under the constellation of superheroes at Simpals. We celebrated International Men’s Day, and the representatives of the beautiful half from the company, creatively reminded their colleagues of how much they appreciate them.

The superheroic Super Friday pulled the Simpals team out of the cold grayness of November, painted the world with bright colors, and filled it up with warmth. It turned out to be fun, exciting, and delicious. Men were awaited by emotions, surprises, souvenirs, a bar with drinks, and a countless number of pizzas. At Simpals, we know how important it is to remind people that they are special, and Men’s Day was a great reason for that.

Each employee is unique and valuable for our company. And when such people unite their efforts, real magic happens—unique devices are born, IT platforms which allow solving grandiose tasks are developed. This is how Symbiosis and FascinWOWtion – important values of Simpals – manifest themselves.

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